What Are Blackheads And How To Get Rid Of Them

What Are Blackheads And How To Get Rid Of Them

The skin can suffer from many problems, including cysts, rashes, moles, whiteheads, rosacea and blackheads. Some of these issues are usually not harmful, under normal circumstances and pretty much everyone has at least one or two moles on their body and cysts tend to be small and eventually they go away without the need of treatment. However, there are many people that don’t know a lot about those elements that can affect the skin, and this includes blackheads.

acne-formingLet’s take a look at acne and what it is. People’s faces are always gathering bacterial, dirt and oil, and eventually they grow into pimples. The skin above the pimple forms a barrier and it cannot be washed away or rinsed off your face. When the collection of dirt, oil and bacteria remains in the pores and the hair follicles without skin coverage, then it forms a blackhead.

Blackheads are different than pimples or whiteheads, which do have a thin layer of skin covering them. They look flesh-colored or white. When skin isn’t covering the pimple, then you can actually see the dirt and the bacteria, and when you look at them, they appear dark or black, hence the name.

There’s nothing special or unique about blackheads or other types of pimples. When it comes down to it, they are all a collection of bacteria, dirt and oil. Their appearances may look different, but their causes and roots are all the same.

By now you are probably wondering how do you treat blackheads, and the answer is you treat them the same way you treat pimples and whiteheads. Asides from simply having bacteria, oil and dirt on the face, one of the main reasons people develop blackheads is because they don’t clean their face on a regular basis or they don’t do it as often as they should. A lot of people have enlarged hair follicles or enlarged pores and this is how those elements end up getting trapped inside them.

If you have a severe case or a chronic case of blackheads, then consider seeing a dermatologist. They may perform a manual extraction, which is used to force elements on the inside out of the skin. There are topical medications that can be used to get rid of elements inside the blackheads. All a person has to do is apply the medication as directed and eventually their blackheads to disappear.

If you tend to get blackheads, then don’t stress out or become frustrated because usually a good skin care regime is all you need to get rid of them, but you do need to be consistent with your skin care routine. Remember, results won’t happen overnight and if you stick to a good cleaning regime, then eventually your blackheads should start going away. If you ignore the oil, dirt and bacteria, then it will continue to build up and then blackheads will continue to develop, so it’s crucial to stick with a regular skin cleaning routine. Also, don’t scrub your face too hard, as being gentle with your skin works the best, and if you do that and stick with a routine, then you could end up saying goodbye to blackheads.

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