Let Your Chiropractor Take Care Of These Five Health Issues

Let Your Chiropractor Take Care Of These Five Health Issues

There are more reasons to see a chiropractor than the typical neck and back pain issues associated with the discipline. Chiropractic adjustments create favorable outcomes for a variety of health issues. These treatments alleviate more symptoms than just pain.

Basics Of Chiropractic Care For Health Issues

It’s important to understand how chiropractic care works to help improve specific health issues. Spinal misalignments can be found and resolved by a chiropractor. Effective communication between the brain and the body is possible when spinal problems are addressed. In addition to the disappearance of pain, many other physical symptoms either improve or are resolved due to the renewed function of the nervous system following an adjustment.

Infections Of The Ear

Because the Eustachian tubes lie in a horizontal position within the ear, children frequently experience ear infections. Middle ear drainage can be significantly improved following adjustments in both the back of the skull (the occiput) and in the upper cervical region. Symptoms resolve quickly and pain is reduced once the drainage begins. In fact, with regular treatments, the use of antibiotics can be avoided completely.


Autism symptoms can often be positively impacted following a spinal adjustments. Misalignments and unusual spinal motion are not uncommon in patients with autism. Because of these issues, there can be structural and neurological gaps between the spine and the nervous system. Neuroendocrine problems including how cholesterol is metabolized within the body often occurs because of these interferences. Significant improvement is seen in autistic chiropractic care patients including the initiation of speech, more eye contact, calmer behavior, and increased attention. In some cases, medication for autism has been eliminated or reduced.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress delivers a variety of symptoms that are quite unpleasant. In addition, those symptoms can lead to insomnia, muscle tension, depression, and other health issues. Some relief is possible with chiropractic care even though stress has many different causes. The muscles and joints of the spinal area are affected by stress. As stress builds, the pain starts in the spine and moves to the neck and shoulders. Headaches occur as well. Less pain and discomfort is experienced when spinal misalignments are regularly adjusted.

Blood Pressure Problems

To lower blood pressure, a very specific adjustment is performed. At the top of the spine, the Atlas vertebra is located. When this vertebra is realigned, the upper number of the blood pressure count (the systolic blood pressure) drops by an average of 14 mm Hg. The lower number of the count (the diastolic blood pressure) drops by an average of 8 mm Hg. No medication is required for this improvement.


Seizures occur in the brain disorder because of the manner in which information is interpreted by the nervous system is disrupted. Neurological stress is reduced when misaligned vertebra are corrected. The stress reduction allows symptoms of epilepsy to subside as the function of the nervous system improves.

Consult with a chiropractor for counseling and support if you have any questions about the ability of chiropractic care to alleviate your symptoms.

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